IDA Indoor Climate Energy simulation software

tool_ida_indoor_climate_and_energy.jpg IDA Indoor Climate and Energy (IDA ICE) is a whole year detailed and dynamic multi-zone simulation application for the study of indoor climate as well as energy. The physical models of IDA ICE reflect the latest research and best models available, and results compare well with measured data. While serving a global market, IDA ICE is adapted to local languages and requirements (climate data, standards, special systems, special reports, and product and material data). The IDA ICE user interface is designed to make it easy to build and simulate both simple and advanced cases, and the real-time 3D environment, in combination with comprehensive tables, provides optimal feedback. A simple procedure for calculating and reporting cooling, heating, air demand, and energy, together with a built-in version handling system, makes it easy and efficient to compare different systems and results. There is also the Early Stage Building Optimization (ESBO) user interface which makes it possible for users to experiment with variations in both buildings and systems at an early stage with an absolute minimum of user input. A full range of component models for renewable energy studies is available, with boreholes, stratified tanks, heat pumps, solar collectors, CHP, PV, wind turbines, etc. The standard edition of IDA ICE can be enhanced with various extension packages, each for the more advanced user or for less common studies

Compatibility: Windows

Freeware: NO

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