HEED simulation software

HEED.jpg HEED is a user-friendly energy design tool shows how much money you can save by making changes to your home. It also shows how much greenhouse gas (including CO2) it accounts for, and its annual total energy consumption. HEED (Home Energy Efficient Design) works equally well for remodeling projects or designing new buildings.

You begin by giving four facts about your building, and the expert system creates two basecase buildings, one that meets the energy code and another that incorporates more energy efficiency features. Then you can copy one of these and begin to create your own unique designs. First draw in your home's proposed floorplan, rotate it to the correct orientation, then click and drag windows to their exact location on each facade. Copy this to successive schemes and try out various passive solar and energy efficient design strategies such as window shading, thermal mass, night ventilation, and high performance glazing, etc.

For basic users the easy-to-understand bar chart shows how the energy coat, annual energy consumption, or CO2 production will change for each different design. For experienced users there are detailed data input options, plus dozens of 3D graphic outputs that reveal subtle differences in building performance. Clients will especially appreciate how HEED’s various graphics outputs clearly show the benefits of good energy efficient design.

EnergyPlus climate data files for sites around the world can be read in directly.

Compatibility: Windows

Freeware: YES

More info & download: http://www.energy-design-tools.aud.ucla.edu/
Last modified: Thursday, 6 April 2017, 1:36 PM