FineHVAC simulation software

FineHVAC.jpg Fine HVAC belongs to the 4M BIM Suite of software for Architecture & Engineering. Embedding the powerful 4MCAD engine and using DWG as its native file format in an AutoCAD-like environment, FineHVAC is a BIM software that offers easy transition and high productivity features at no expense of speed.

FineHVAC’s core functionalities are summarized below:

  • Calculation of Cooling loads (option between ASHRAE RTS 2013, ASHRAE CLTD, ASHRAE TFM, Carrier)
  • Calculation of Heating Loads (option between EN12831, ASHRAE heat balance 2013, DIN 4071)
  • Piping networks auto-routing.
  • Assisted placement of receptors.
  • Project DWGs.
  • Technical reporting & bill of materials.

Compatibility: Windows

Freeware: NO

More info & download:
Last modified: Thursday, 6 April 2017, 1:34 PM