DeST simulation software

tool_dest.jpg DeST, or Designer’s Simulation Toolkit, is a tool developed for aiding HVAC engineers to realize “design by analysis, design by simulation”. It can also be used to help architects optimize their thermal performance of fabrics. It is an annual building energy consumption analyze software doing simulation hourly for HVAC designers, applying simulation into different phases of design. DeST is “design by simulation”, which means that DeST is designed to make it possible to apply simulation into different parts of building design and is convenient for a designer to get sufficient aid in the design process. In addition, DeST has incorporated different stages of the building design processes and has five main simulation stages: building thermal process, system scheme analysis, AHU system analysis, duct/pipe networks, and plant analysis. These simulation stages provide accurate results to fulfill the needs for different stages of building system design. The second one is that an advanced multi-zone heat and mass balance methodology based on state space method is applied in building thermal environment simulations with high accuracy. The third one is that DeST has used a three-dimensional dynamic heat transfer methodology for annual simulation which is easy to compute the heat transfer of a ground-coupled envelope quickly and accurately. Dynamic simulation method coupling CFD with hourly building simulation used in DeST is the fourth feature. And the last one is that DeST has used system simulation methodology under uncertain inner heat gains.

Compatibility: Windows

Freeware: YES

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