BSim simulation software

bsim.png BSim is an integrated PC tool for analysing buildings and installations, developed by the Danish Building Research Institute. BSim includes a collection of advanced tools for simulating and calculating e.g. thermal indoor climate, energy consumption, daylight conditions, synchronous simulation of moisture and energy transport in constructions and spaces, calculation of natural ventilation and electrical yield from building integrated photovoltaic systems.

BSim includes the following modules: SimView (graphic model editor and input generator), tsbi5 (hygro-thermal building simulation core), SimLight (tool for analysis of daylight conditions in simple rooms), XSun (graphical tool for analyses of direct sunlight and shadowing), SimPV (a simple tool for calculation of the electrical yield from PV systems), NatVent (analyses of single zone natural ventilation) and SimDXF (a tool that makes it possible to import CAD drawings in DXF format).

Compatibility: Windows

Freeware: NO

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